What is Enterprise Architecture?

EA or Enterprise Architecture is a means to organize the structure and operations of a business. It is actually easy to follow idea to define. However, it is quite a challenge to effectively implement it to a business. Think of enterprise as collection of organizations with common set of goals to deliver services or products to their respective market.

To give you an example that there’s a corporation with a department that is focused on developing and innovating hardware, another that is developing software for the said devices and yet, another that’s responsible to market the integrated result.

Despite the fact that each and every organizational unit has different key responsibilities, enterprise strategy for corporation will be outlining key aspects of how to efficiently operate to attain the same goal, which is to deliver advanced hardware and software devices to non technical users. Quite simply, the enterprise architecture is outlining how enterprise like the company above must organize and operate to be able to attain their goals.You can get more details here.

The need for an enterprise architecture actually came to existence in late 80’s when numerous businesses realized that they’re investing great amount of their funds in computerized IT. Since the money was spent, organizations found out that they had no plans on how far that technology infrastructure is going to support their direction or their continuing technological growth. In this modern times, EA models make sure that this concepts are applicable to all business functions, not just to information technology.

Organizational complexity and vision for future plays a big role whether the business has need for an archimate certification. If you’re building a house from an existing plan, then you can certain work just fine even without the architect. On the other hand, if your end goal is developing new industrial complex, then the success of the entire project will benefit from an architectural planner.

The EA model of an organization is more likely to include enterprise strategy document, which is a longer term vision as well as operating model for enterprise. This said strategy document include list of challenges that the strategy intends to address like for instance, expense production, increased productivity, proposition of value or organizational consolidation that the enterprise wants to bring to market it targets. EA documentation often defines the current state of the enterprise, the vision for targeted state and even the expected transition state.

More often than not, enterprise strategy document is backed by copy of initiatives that transition the enterprise from one state to another, library guidelines and processes documenting on how to repeatedly and reliably perform business functions and technological plan that is identifying what extent the entprise relies on IT and how it will be done and maintained.To understand more on what is Enterprice architecture click the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_information_security_architecture.


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